horseloveMustang Yearlings / Washington Youth considers itself to be a Mustang Awareness – Youth Development Organization. Our sponsorship opportunities are many and with the growing cost of expenditures, we would be honored to partner with you in any way possible. Following are a few of the sponsorships available on an ongoing basis.

We are a Washington State approved charity as of September, 2010 approved and recognized by proper registration with the Secretary of State with an additional application as an approved Federal 501©3 non profit in process. All donations are tax deductible and we will gladly furnish you with the necessary paperwork to make that happen.

winnerMustangs have proven themselves over the years to be versatile, resilient, reliable and pocket ponies to say the least. Many have gone on to become champion dressage mounts, competitive trail winners, endurance horses and both western and English mounts in the open show pen. By offering a program that brings them into the public eye with our youth as trainers it helps them find permanent homes in the discipline in which their new owners may choose. Our goal is to keep them in the forefront as an acceptable option for all riders to consider as their numbers become increasingly high on their native lands and those lands are no longer able to sustain the herds in a healthy capacity. With the BLM scheduling their roundups of individual herds every four years we hope to be able to continue to offer these great American icons to the public through our youth program.

Ultimately, we would love to have enough sponsorship to offer a program with scholarships for those continuing on to college. We also hope to be able to offer both facility and funding scholarships for those that love the equine world but may be in an at risk situation or in a situation where it is just not affordable for their families. In both instances, with your help, we would like to be able to assist in the facilitation of those inner childhood dreams to become reality and to let them know there is hope in a world that can sometimes seem hopeless.

If you would like to sponsor us in a financial capacity, we have different levels for you to consider.

Road Warrior
Beginning 2011 we will need to haul our own horses from Burns, Oregon to a designated pickup location in Washington. This amount would pay for the hauling of 20 horses almost 900 miles (roundtrip) and the rental of a rodeo or fairgrounds needed to sort and load the horses for the youth trainers.
Amount – $2,500

Silver Buckle
This will purchase one trainer belt buckle per competition. All of our youth trainers are given a buckle to reward them for their three hard months of in-hand training of their Mustang.
Amount – $200

Trainer Tres Dia
This amount will sponsor a specific youth trainer through the 90+ day of training their mustang. It will allow a youth to experience and compete who may not otherwise be able to financially afford to do so. If you want to specify an individual that has applied, we will honor that request, otherwise it will be an individual youth our board has deemed qualified to accept this sponsorship.
Amount – $400

Platinum Friendship
This will cover the costs of the actual final event including arena fees, stall fees, equipment rentals, judges and auctioneers.
Amount – $1,000

Blue Ribbon
This amount will purchase all of our placing ribbons for one event.
Amount – $195

Mustang Messenger

Any amount one would want to give will drop into our general fund and be allocated to the different areas of need.
Amount – $1 – ???

Golden Buckle
This will purchase one Champion or one Reserve Champion belt buckle for one competition.
Amount – $300

Red Ribbon
This amount will purchase five (5) personalized memento ribbons for our trainers.
Amount – $175

Amazon Smile
We are registered with Amazon Smile.  Each time you make a purchase through Amazon, they donate money to MYWY.  It’s that easy!  Click this link below to get started.